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Chamber Music Tours Scotland

CMTS is a charity (SC043690) set up by music lovers, who want to support chamber music clubs in bringing good professional chamber music to Scotland.

But there are issues:

Firstly, many good professional chamber music ensembles are based far from Scotland, often in London, and it is only financially possible to attract them here by arranging a tour of the promoting music clubs, and

Secondly, Scottish chamber music clubs are often insufficiently financed from their own resources and cannot therefore attract the best ensembles.

At CMTS, we aim at supplementing these resources by attracting sponsorship of the tours. In that way, the audiences can hear good music played by excellent musicians, the musicians can gain the benefits that a tour of this country can undoubtedly bring and the sponsors can enjoy great value for their investment.

CMTS looks to source sponsorship from both the commercial sector and from grantmaking trusts. On these pages, we identify the benefits available.

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